(Moi, Elles ...) Relation Photographique Au Féminin 2007

Amit Berlowitz photographs young women she does not know. She generally photographs them in their home, in various and diverse life situations, fully or partially dressed, and during a dynamic process of performing an action or talking. The women do not pose in any specific position, fixed, frozen. Rather they look straight into the camera, as if studying Amit, at least to the extent that she is studying them. Berlowitz’s view is not voyeuristic; it does not seek low or climactic moments. The act of photography is an aspect of the dialogue with the women who invite her into their homes, into a continuous moment of their being, and who feel comfortable sharing with her that period of time as is, without mediation, in a direct and simple manner. Thus, the women in the photographs do not flaunt their femininity. If some form of femininity, not always defined, does emerge and come through, it is because it is an integral part of an ensemble of the characteristics of the woman being photographed herself.

Berlowitz’s work makes intensive use of turning the gaze to the other, the one that is both similar and different, in order to go back and shed light on the I, the private and the most secret.

Hadas Maor, Tel Aviv, May 2007