Hide and Seek 2012

A young girl is playing "Hide and Seek" in a round clearing of a dense and mysterious forest. As time passes and she is unable to find her play-mates, the viewer finds himself entangled in a web of anxiety and rationalization, all the while reflecting on his own deviation from, and involvement in, the scene.

The site of contemplation and study is the human soul. The same forces motivating the soul are also those which shatter it. It is as though the minutest and most fundamental fibers of the human soul are isolated and examined carefully and with profound appreciation, illuminating intricate and multifaceted psychological and social structures.
Berlowitz records the scene in real time, uncut – as opposed to media treatment that uses short sequences and abrupt changes in camera angle - thus asserting the change of perspective on another, more subtle level. The circular movement of the camera creates a sculptural perception of the moving figure which points out and expands the sculptural aspects of video.