What Should We Dream Of 2009

Fragility appears to be at the core of this video piece, functioning both as its subject and object. Shot in 8 mm film, What Should We Dream Of, is fragile in all its aspects, both material and symbolic. The frail landscape frames the premises of this work. The countryside backdrop is determined by a vernacular, wide path, seeking its location in the frame. the monochromatic colors of the greens and grays, hover round the cherry-purple figure, that seems radiating her inner feeling of "This Strange out of control Rush of Passion".
The text-captions are constructed as a sequence of frames / phrases that build-up a linear line of thought. The first 2 phrases function as a title: "What Do You Think", addresses the viewer thus implementing the outer vanishing point of the piece and "What Should We dream of" induces its contents. Berlowitz initiates us into a new territory of beauty and happiness, aware of their status as Clichés but suggesting an alternative point of view that regain power through tenderness and coherence. Though frail and elusive, they are still to be found.