Awakening 2011

"Awakening" is a three channel video installation, comprised of the pieces: Beach, Girl and Woods. Beach depicts a young boy and girl in a dream-like interplay. The child-like, cheerful atmosphere is distorted when they encounter some other young people on the beach. Girl conveys a girl roaming alone in a forest. It is unclear towards what she is heading, or from what she is distancing herself, escaping. As she walks, stops and looks around, she seems disoriented and out of touch with her surroundings. At the heart of Woods, a young man and woman are walking through a dark forest to encounter another young person, ambiguously foreign yet familiar. From its very outset, the piece sustains a sense of something not entirely right.
The depicted situations, each in its own way, unfold a mental and emotional voyage of search, of wonder, and of a latent flight. A quest which is embedded with a subversive potential of loss, pain and anxiety, but also a sense of awakening and refined beauty.
The project further develops Berlowitz's continuous investigation of the structural properties of film and its complex relationship to reality, extending her unique approach towards a contemporary representation of deconstructed cinema to produce a fragile object that extracts and defines new premises for the imagined.